About Us

Welcome to our family!

We are Natural Cravings Pet Treats and Barking Buddha Pet Products. We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to making healthy and delicious treats, chews and bones that your pets will love to eat. Our livestock is raised without added antibiotics and are treated humanely as well as being Sustainably Sourced. We are a company that takes pet health very seriously, we take time to investigate the products we sell so that you don't have to.

The media is full of reports of sickness, joint swelling, excessive weight gain, blindness and even death from products that are imported from Asia and other parts of the world. We understand that the folks that buy high quality dog treats also want all-natural products that are good for their pets. Because of these reasons we have created two brands that bring both 100% USA and Sustainably Sourced as well as FDA approved Grass Fed and Free-Range South American products.

Natural Cravings Pet Treats

For our Natural Cravings line, we sourced everything in the USA, this process starts with our USA livestock, our manufacturing and packaging. All of our cattle are treated humanely, they are pasture finished and raised without antibiotics. We offer single ingredient products such as bones, chews, steer and bully sticks as well as treats with limited ingredients that remain healthy and at the same time delicious for your pet! Our entire line is slow roasted in human grade ovens to guarantee high quality while maximizing flavor. All of our bones are GFSI-Certified and All Natural by AAFCO standards.

Barking Buddha Pet Products

Barking Buddha Pet Products is an all-natural single ingredient dog treat line that is for the pet lover that wants a Grass Fed, Free Range, Sustainably Sourced dog treat. Our single ingredient chews and treats are an all-natural, healthy and safe for your dog. Our cattle come from a free-range pastures where they can have a happy natural life which results in its sustainability and rich flavor. No hormones or preservatives added. 

Apart from being healthy pet snacks we only sell products that we know are delicious even for the pickiest of pets. Our goal is to provide products to individuals, veterinarians, trainers, pet stores and supermarkets that take pet health seriously and understand a result-based diet. We hope that you like our products as much as we do.

We truly believe that... “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food” - Hippocrates

Our company is happy to support local recues and no-kill animal shelters.

About the President

It all started with Patrick Caprez and his first son Clapton, a terrier-mix he rescued from a local animal shelter. Patrick wanted to give him the best food and treats so Clapton could have a happy, long and healthy life. Patrick began researching what was available for dogs and found that by making his own treats he would know exactly the nutrition Clapton was receiving. This is when the idea came to create a product line that was sustainable, safe, and flavorful. His demand for high quality and results-based food sources helped springboard his first brand, Natural Cravings to national status.

Patrick is a product of the Midwest, born and raised in Akron, Ohio.  His strong Midwest upbringing and demand for quality products have been a staple in the creation of both of his brands. His high level of customer service and attention to quality has made his company grow quickly to become a national brand that currently reaches all 50 states and serves thousands of stores!

For several years Patrick has been an active participant in several animal rescues and animal welfare causes. As an animal advocate, he is a firm believer that we have an obligation to help the animals who can’t help themselves.  After 20 years of executive level positions in Corporate America, Patrick decided that it was time to leave the corporate world and start a pet treat brand that had a purpose, and that is exactly what he did!


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Patrick Caprez, President                                                              Lucy Calamari Caprez, Marketing Director