Posted by Lori Marsh on 8th Nov 2021

Natural Cravings 2021 Holiday Treat Guide

Now that Halloween is behind us, there's a glow on the horizon. The holiday season always comes up too fast. But this year, you'll be prepared to spoil your dog rotten. Whether your furbaby is a sweet pup or a super tough power-chewer, he'll love one of these amazing chews from the Natural Cravings line.

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Reasons Why You Should Spoil Your Dog This Holiday Season

I mean, we don't really need another reason to spoil our pets, but in case you need to justify it or make a PowerPoint for your partner on where all those boxes came from. Anyway, here are some extra reasons why you should spoil your furry best friend.

Another Work Shift

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to come under control, many people are returning to work, school, or another daily bustling about. However, that can leave your pup feeling alone or bored after a whirlwind year of being home.

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Dogs Enjoy The Surprise Like Humans.

A good holiday gift you could give your pup might be a new toy to make them feel special or a service, such as a spa day at the groomers, which they will enjoy this holiday season. For those dogs that may not love toys be mindful and consider your dog's size and personality before you just hand them something.

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Best Treats for Your Dog From Natural Cravings

Natural Cravings offers 100% USA-sourced dog chews and treats that are all made and packaged in the US. Because there are reports of illnesses and other complications that can easily be transferred during shipping, they keep everything they do in the US to ensure that your pup only gets the best to satisfy their natural cravings.

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Vanilla Mint Beef Cheeks

This brand new flavor will satisfy any dog's chewing habit while keeping their breath holiday fresh, a win-win for both pets and their owners. Vanilla Mint Beef Cheeks are a 100% single-ingredient product, which means you know exactly what you're giving your dog.

Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle and delicious natural vanilla and peppermint flavor - it's a unique holiday flavor that people will love too!

Stocking Mix

For the dog that needs everything. Or will at least chew through everything. No matter what naughty deeds your pup might have done this year, they will be sure to feel loved with such thoughtful gifts! This holiday stocking mix offers a variety of different natural chews, a bag of delicious roaster treats, and Buddha Bubbles for an at-home spa day.

Make sure to grab the perfect holiday gift for your pup today to make sure it gets there in time. Shop now.

Himalayan Cheese Chews

Himalayan Cheese Chews are a great natural chew that will satisfy your pup's urge to chew. No matter what size dog, these chews offer a high-quality protein that will keep your pooch happy! Because these are only made with milk, salt, and lime, these chews are the perfect holiday gift for any pup.

Cool Nana CBD

The holidays aren't just stressful for people, but with travel and guests, it can stress your pup out just as much. However, there are some ways to help your dog through this busy time of year. Cool Nana CBD is a full-spectrum CBD oil that can reduce some of your dogs' anxiety.

Chicken Sizzle Sticks

These simple treats offer high-quality protein to make snacking naturally healthy. Because these treats have a soft texture, they are perfect for any sized dog and are acceptable for puppies and seniors. However, just be sure to break them up into smaller bites for young pups and small canines.

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Beef Liver Jerky

While many jerky treats struggle with recalls, Natural Cravings Beef Liver Jerky is packed with vitamins and minerals. These treats are free of any additives or chemicals, so your dog gets a completely healthy treat. You can easily tear apart the jerky for smaller dogs. However, many dogs will enjoy the chewy texture, and pet parents appreciate the nutritional value.

Beef Roaster Bites

Beef roaster bites are the perfect size for any dog. These little bites are additive, preservative, and chemical-free treats that dogs love. You can easily add these little bites to a Kong toy or other interactive toys to keep your dog busy all day long. Furthermore, they are the perfect stocking stuffer too.

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Gifts for Pet Parents

Who doesn't love the family dog? And if you are like most animal loving people, you might be shopping for a pup that you call your dogson or dogdaughter. However, we can't leave out the amazing people who care for these amazing creatures day in and out. So here are a few excellant ideas you can get for the dog parent who has everything.

Bark Box

The Bark Box is the perfect gift. This subscription box offers unique toys and treats delivered right to the front door. Perfect for those families that have everything.

MyFace Custom Socks

Okay, so who wouldn't love to have their dog's face on a pair of socks. This gift is perfect for those with mixed or rare breeds or dogs.

Buddha Bubbles

Buddha Bubbles are the perfect addition to any pet and pet parent spa day. Buddha Bubbles is an organic shampoo and conditioner that is safe even on dogs with sensitive skin.

Dog Stickers

These cute stickers are the perfect addition to any gift. Or are an easy stocking stuffer for kids who help take care of their pets.


Thank you for reading Natural Cravings' holiday gift guide. If your dog is anything like ours, they're always on the lookout for something new to chew! We hope you found something on this list that will satisfy their natural cravings this holiday season.

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