Posted by Patrick Caprez on 11th Dec 2015

Pet Euthanasia

Many of us have been faced with the task of some serious decision making when our pets are in a state of perpetual pain and suffering. We love our pets to the point that sometimes we overlook when it is time to give our pet the greatest gift you can give them, the gift of euthanasia.

Some might say "Oh no I could never do that". But when you are faced with watching your furry family member suffer in pain and agony to the point of no return you owe it to the one you love so much to be able to let go and let your pet die with dignity.

This week I was in this exact situation.  My dog Clapton a 17 year old rescue was at the point of his life where he no longer could hear, could not see well and walked with a lot of difficulty and his organs would no longer let hold his urination. His quality of life was no longer in a state that he could do the every day things he used to enjoy.  Even urination was painful for him.  

I had several conversations with my son about the end of Clapton's life and the quality of life he had left.  We ran all the tests and unfortunately Clapton's liver was shutting down and he had brain lesions. The doctor told us that we could continue to try to make him comfortable but the humane thing to do is to let him die with dignity and to give him this one last gift.

As a family this was more difficult for us than it was for Clapton.  The process was painless and very quick.  I wrestled with if I should be in the room or not with him as this happened and I decided that I could not leave him alone and we went through this process together with love and tenderness by showing him with kisses and hugs and reminding him how much we love him.

Euthanasia has received a bad stain and through this process what I realize is that fear of death is worse than death itself.  Our pain was selfish pain.  Instead of thinking about our pets and their quality of life many only think of how painful it will be for them once the pet leaves this world.  Our pets greet us at the door with happiness, they love us when we are down they lick our tears when we cry and kiss our wounds when we bleed.  Their love is unselfish and  we have an obligation to return that unselfish love.