The Best Large Dog Chews
A large dog taking a natural chew from their owner.

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We love all dogs, but let’s face it, the gentle giants in our lives can cause a bit of a shopping dilemma. Despite that most cute clothes don’t fit them, large kennels are hard to move (seriously, no one is going to notice the pile of hair behind it), and massive bags of food they also want natural chews to satisfy that urge. 

But, their mouths are big, their bites are powerful, and after ruling out choking hazards, most toys just can’t hold their stuffing against these beasts. So, what are the best large dog chews? 

A large dog taking a natural chew from their owner.

The Best Natural Chews For Large Dogs

Large breed dogs require chews that go beyond the ordinary. Not all products in the market are equipped to handle the strength and size of these magnificent creatures. The key is to find chews that are not only large but also durable. Natural Cravings’ “Super Monster Bully Sticks” emerge as an excellent option, being the biggest bully sticks available. 

These sticks not only provide a satisfying chewing experience but also offer nutritional benefits, making them a favorite among large dogs. For those with even mightier chewers, the “Super Monster Bully Stick” is a powerhouse that stands up to the challenge.

And you can trust the quality of these bully sticks because they are made and sourced in the USA. That means less transportation, less risk of contamination, and overall a better quality beef product. 

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Why Bully Sticks Are Great Choices For Large Dogs

When it comes to providing nutritional benefits for large-breed dogs, bully sticks emerge as a standout option. These natural chews not only offer an enjoyable chewing experience but also bring several nutritional advantages to the table.

Protein Powerhouse

Bully sticks are primarily made from high-quality, lean beef muscle. This makes them an excellent source of protein, a crucial component in a large dog’s diet. Protein is essential for muscle development, repair, and overall growth. 

Rich in Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, playing a vital role in various physiological functions. Bully sticks contain a spectrum of amino acids. These amino acids contribute to the overall well-being of large dogs by supporting functions like immune system health, skin and coat condition, and proper organ function.

Dental Health

The act of chewing itself can have mental benefits for large dogs but it can also keep their teeth clean. Bully sticks, with their tough texture, encourage dogs to chew actively, promoting dental hygiene. Chewing on bully sticks can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, contributing to healthier gums and teeth.

Natural Joint Support

Large breed dogs are susceptible to joint issues as they age, given their size and weight. Bully sticks contain natural compounds like glucosamine, which supports joint health. 

Low in Fat

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for large dogs to prevent strain on their joints and organs. Bully sticks are generally low in fat, making them a suitable treat option for large breeds. 

Other Great Natural Options

While bully sticks take the lead, there are other natural options that cater to the diverse preferences of large-breed dogs.

Yak cheek chews have gained popularity for their durability and unique taste. Furthermore, they can be microwaved once they become small to extend their life a few more chews. While these chews do have a few ingredients, unlike bully sticks, they are all-natural and can be a great option. 

White bones are another option, but it’s crucial to remove them once they become too small to avoid any choking hazards. These chews are harder, so they aren’t recommended for older dogs, puppies, or those dogs who struggle with brittle teeth. 

Bison Trachea stands out as an exceptional chew choice for dogs, combining both nutritional benefits and durability. Packed with collagen, this natural chew not only offers a savory treat but also promotes joint health, skin elasticity, and overall connective tissue support. Its durability makes it an ideal option for dogs with powerful chewing habits, providing an extended chewing experience that keeps them engaged.

A large dog chewing on a bully stick.

Avoid Choking Hazards With Properly Sized Chews

When it comes to large dogs, safety is paramount. It’s crucial to monitor the size of the chew and replace it once it becomes too small to prevent any choking incidents. Regularly inspect the chews for cracks or damage, and promptly remove any compromised items. This simple precaution can make a significant difference in ensuring your dog’s safety during chewing sessions.

How Durable Are Natural Chews

Natural chews can vary in durability, and their ability to hold up to strong chewers depends on factors such as the type of chew, the size and strength of the dog, and the specific brand or product.

Bully sticks are generally durable and can withstand the chewing strength of many large and powerful dogs. However, the longevity may vary based on the size of the bully stick and the intensity of the chewing.


In the world of large-breed dogs, finding the perfect chew requires a bit of exploration and knowledge. Natural chews like “Monster Bully Sticks” and their super-sized counterpart, along with other options like yak cheek chews and white bones, cater to the unique needs of these powerful and lovable companions. By prioritizing safety and choosing chews wisely, you can provide your large dog with a satisfying chewing experience while keeping them happy, healthy, and entertained.

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