June is National Foster a Pet Month

Posted by Amanda Tellez on 28th Jun 2021

June is National Foster a Pet Month

Why foster a pet?

Foster parents are people in the community who can offer a warm and loving home to those in need. Even if you cannot permanently maintain a furry friend in your household, becoming a foster parent is still a great way to give back. Fostering provides the love and attention animals need while searching for your friends forever home. June has been declared National Foster a Pet Month by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and The Petco Foundation. Fostering is both beneficial for pet and pet parent but in addition to the affection you receive from fostering a pet it eliminates ethical issues such as unnecessary ethnicization and overcrowding in shelters. Summer months are a common time shelters are overrun with animals as the outdoor weather becomes inclement. If you have a love for animals and additional space in your home, this is a perfect role for you. Some additional ways you can contribute to Foster a pet month are:

Reach out to your Local Animal Services to learn more about foster a pet programs they offer. In doing so you will help save a life and help keep an animal off the street. Some common requirements for fostering include but are not limited to:

  • Must be able to provide foster pet transportation to adoption events when required.
  • Follow up with pet’s vaccine boosters and deworming appointments if necessary.
  • Ensure pets residing in your home are current on their vaccines.
  • Return the pet to shelter if necessary for out of state adoption.

Fostering a pet can range from time of a month or even more, in some events a foster will decide to permanently keep their furry friend. Some important questions to ask when considering fostering are:

  • Will the organization pay for vaccinations and general vet care?
  • Does the animal have any special needs or require special medical care?
  • Does the pet have any behavior issues you should know about?
  • Is the pet house trained?
  • Do they get along with other pets?

Volunteer at a Local Shelter, in the evet you cannot provide a home to maintain an animal or just have a love for animals and looking for community service hours. You can give back with your time. All furry friends appreciate time and attention as often times animals awaiting adoption are lonely and refined to limited space. Volunteering provides extended resources to non-profit organizations. On another note, you get to know the animals on a personal level that will assist in a better assessment and success for future adoption questions and concerns. It provides the animals time with a human companion, play time, socializing and walking. If you are short on time and cannot volunteer, you can provide pet care supplies as there are always pets in need. Some common supplies an animal shelter can take in are:

  • Food: canned or dry foods that are not expired.
  • Pet beds
  • Pet kennels
  • Dog waste bags
  • Sanitation supplies
  • Pet toys
  • Pet Treats

Shout out animals looking to be adopted on social media. Sometimes shelters do not have the resources to manage social media inquiries. If you are tech savvy and have a following of people interested in animals by association and spreading awareness to others who had not considered it. In doing so you will raise awareness on homeless animals to be adopted. Posting about how fostering your pet has changed your life can motivate others in doing the same.

Spread Awareness by sharing information on the importance of fostering a pet. You can provide flyers from local shelters on donations for pets or pet adoption events. Pets are beneficial to humans as they provide us with unconditional love, there are many homeless animals who would love to be housed. Consider this before buying an animal. Fostering is the way to go. Before considering taking a pet into your home or gifting a pet to someone, ensure that your lifestyle fits into the pet’s life. Thinking of pets as a family member rather than an accessory will help eliminate any unnecessary abandonment.

Reach out to your local animal organizations to get involved today!