Pet Age Women of Influence 2020 Winner

Posted by Pet Age Magazine on 20th Aug 2020

Pet Age Women of Influence 2020 Winner

Lucy Caprez, Marketing Director, Natural Cravings/Barking Buddha Pet Products

What inspired you to get into the pet industry? I was asked by my husband to join his company to handle all of their marketing and branding. After joining him, the first thing that I noticed myself was the kindness of the people in the industry. Coming from the food industry, the first thing I noticed was how in the pet world everyone is kind and kookie, and most people are driven by the love of their pets. I have been able to see firsthand people helping other people without an agenda or looking to help themselves as well. It is an industry of kindness more than anything.

What do you feel is your biggest contribution to the pet business and/or pet parents? I believe it has been about breaking the mold in how we brand Natural Cravings and Barking Buddha. We have been asked to “tone it down” with the fun and make it look more scientific like other brands do—and honestly, we truly believe that you can offer top-quality products and still deliver our message with a lot of positivity and light. As a family-owned business, we have been able to set the tone of our message, making pet owners happy and making them smile with our logos, packaging and branding as well as how we engage online and in social media.

What issues do you think need more attention from the pet industry and why? Pet adoption and overpopulation would be one of my top issues. We need to educate the public more and more about spaying and neutering our pets to prevent overpopulation of innocent animals that will either end up in a shelter or simply homeless. Accidents happen and sometimes pets get lost, and we can prevent a litter by sterilizing our pets. The solution to the problem of overpopulation is so simple that with the proper campaigns and combined efforts, I know we can make a big difference on how many reluctant pet owners could see the sterilization of their pet as a form of prevention of other animals that will end up suffering without a proper home and care.