Does my dog know I love them?

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Dog lovers want to express to their canine friends how much they value them. We know that dogs have the intelligence of a toddler human, but can they actually comprehend our love for them?


When you form a bond with your dog, you release a hormone known as oxytocin, a hormone that has been found during positive emotional states. According to a study of dogs’ minds, this makes you feel happier and more connected to your best buddies. Every time you pet, interact with, or even look at your dog, oxytocin is released in both of you. It’s safe to assume that your dog feels love when you’re looking longingly at each other.

According to studies, dogs often make eye contact when showing affection.


When they experience their affection, dogs are happy to show it to others. When dogs display affectionate behaviors, it means that they feel secure and loved by their owners and are eager to reciprocate that love.

Some actions are blatant signs of puppy love. Your furry companion is hugging you with their eyes. How adorable is that?

Their body language.

Your dog’s actions and body language show how much they know your affections. For instance, they might fixate on your gaze and make direct eye contact. This is how they show you how much they care and how much they believe in you. A large smile, a wagging tail, and a bottom wiggle are other telltale indicators.

They want to play with you and lend you their toys.

Dogs and social creatures and will often express their affection by sharing toys. A dog will often bring you their favorite toy if they love you. They do this to show their concern.

They’ll watch over and guard you.

Some dogs have the intrinsic capacity to protect you from danger. Like burglars trying to break into your house, they’ll keep an eye on it day and night to make sure that doesn’t happen. They might even be alert and on guard while you’re dining. They do this to show your membership in their pack.

They may attempt to herd you.

Breeds with herding propensities are well known. Your dog may be showing herding instincts if they make an effort to keep the entire family together. However, this behavior can also sometimes lead to nips and other behavioral problems, so you might want to keep an eye on a dog who’s aggressively herding family members.

They’ll touch you with their faces.

Your dog may often display affection by rubbing their face on you to mark you as their property Because dogs often communicate by scent they may also do this more if you come home smelling of another dog. Of course, if your dog is rubbing his face everywhere, you should take them to the vet. To make sure they don’t have skin problems like dandruff or mites.

They comfort you.

Most dogs are quite sensitive to their owner’s feelings and will often strive to be near you while you’re sad or down. Sometimes your pup may bring you something that is a favorite of theirs, such as a sock, in hopes of cheering you up.

They lean on you.

Dogs just enjoy being near you. This is how they express their love. They might even lie down right on your feet. Or they may stand and lean against you. This is often because they trust you.

They will bring you broken toys to fix

Some dogs will bring you a broken toy or some other item. This demonstrates their confidence that you will repair the damaged item for them.

They cuddle with you.

Dogs have a pack mentality. They see you as a member of their close-knit group and want to show you their love and affection because of this. By snuggling up to you, your dog is expressing their love and empathy for you.


Even while our dogs are aware of our affection for them, we can always extend it in ways they will appreciate and understand. Here are a few ways you can express your love to your dog.

Regular training

Training offers constructive criticism, boosts your dog’s self-esteem, and solidifies your relationship. It’s also a great way to bond with your dog and better understand them and their behaviors.

Rub your dog’s ears.

The nerve endings in your dog’s ears carry signals throughout the body and release endorphins.

Express your love to them.

Dogs can’t always understand words, but they can match sounds and tones within your voice. They will learn to identify your words and tone and comprehend the love you have for them. Especially if you tell them often. Your dog will comprehend it as long as you are demonstrating your love and affection.

Quality time.

The number of hours in the day never seems to be enough. But spending time with your pet on a daily basis is a necessary component of being a pet parent. While dogs don’t need a brand-new adventure every day of the week, they do need your time and attention

to develop a sense of attachment to you. Spending time with dogs is the best way to show them that you care. Whether you’re walking in the park (which is healthy for you, too), cuddling up on the couch to watch a nice Netflix show, or you’re going camping, your dog will love being a part of it.


Indeed, dogs relate affection and love to kisses. From a young age, if we kiss them, they will learn that kissing is how we express affection. A dog who has never received a kiss will not understand what we mean if we suddenly kiss them. However, when paired with a happy tone and repetitiveness, your dog will quickly learn.

Try to show your dog your love and devotion by getting close to them. Just don’t ever put your face into a strange dog’s face, as that could lead to an accidental nip or bite. If they aren’t used to kisses or don’t particularly enjoy them, speak quietly and touch them lightly. A dog’s ability to comprehend and develop a link with a human always takes time.


You can express your regret to your dog in a way that they would understand. Assess the scenario first, then watch your dog for signs of emotion. Did your dog run out of the room when you dropped a pot in the kitchen? They probably got frightened. So talk to them in a soothing, quiet tone while offering compliments. Dogs who have experienced maltreatment in the past could be especially sensitive to loud noises. Some of them might hide and refuse to come out.

When your dog shows signs of fear but tries to flee or hide from you, respect their need for privacy. Give them some time to settle down. Speak to them in a gentle, calm manner. Don’t try with force or verbally entice them out of their hiding place.


Everyone enjoys being spoiled, right? Every dog, like us, enjoys feeling a bit special once in a while. Your dog will most definitely show you unlimited pleasure once you surprise them. Pick up a tasty new treat or a fascinating new toy, or surprise them for their Gotcha Day! And you will surely get great joy in return.

If you’ve ever questioned if your dog can sense your love for them, you likely care enough to know that they can. Your bond with your dog is unique, and it will get stronger the more time you spend together. Continue to show your dog affection, and they’ll continue to return it.


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