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Bully sticks are a safe, natural, durable chew that is sought out by pet owners. So, it makes perfect sense for you, as the owner of a natural pet business, to fill your shelves with these tasty, all-natural, and wildly popular dog chews.

These chews will not only assist you in meeting the particular requirements of your clients and their dogs, but they will also enable you to expand into the area of specialist dog items and treats. Which may draw even more consumers to your establishment.

Why bully stick is that popular among dogs of all breeds

Bully sticks are incredibly popular among dogs of all breeds due to their versatility and nutritional benefits. They provide a healthy, high-protein alternative to rawhide chews, are easy to digest, and are a great choice for multi-dog households. Bully sticks come in varying lengths and thicknesses, making them perfect for any size or age of dog.

They also provide a satisfying chewing experience that helps keep teeth and gums healthy. Unlike rawhide chews, bully sticks are free from unhealthy chemicals and additives, so your pet can enjoy them guilt-free. Additionally, since they’re completely natural and don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives, you can highlight them in your store.

According to the ASPCA, while certain chews have the potential to suffocate or block the digestive tract, bully sticks are easily digestible. And won’t give your dog any stomach distress from indigested components or materials. 

Yummy and Healthy

Bully sticks have only one component, high-protein, low-fat beef pizzle. In addition to being an exciting toy that dogs enjoy, it is safe and easily breaks down in your dog’s stomach.

The American Kennel Club states that the amino acids included in this type of beef will “boost your dog’s muscles, brain, skin, and coat.” Bully sticks are a natural source of protein and taurine, which will support the strength and health of the muscles and organs in your dog.

But, it is important to keep in mind that bully sticks can have a very potent smell if they aren’t completely dried. Although this will only increase the dogs’ fondness for them, not everyone will enjoy the strong aroma as much.

In such a situation, it would definitely be beneficial for you to stock your business with low-odor or even no-odor bully sticks—those we provide here at Natural CravingsTM.

Bully sticks are by far one of the greatest treats you can offer your dog, despite their propensity to smell. There are no additional chemicals or fake substances. The beef muscle they are constructed is slowly roasted and smoked in its own juices. Just pure, wholesome, and mouthwatering tastes that will make any dog wild.

An Extended Snack

The amount of time a dog will want to spend chewing on a toy or reward can vary depending on breed, size, and age. Although they are small, puppies and smaller dogs can nonetheless be quite energetic chewers. Similar to how not all big dogs will be destructive chewers.

Each dog is different, thus each dog will desire a different sort of chew. There is a bully stick for every dog out there thanks to the wide variety of forms, sizes, and thicknesses available. Making them the perfect addition to your pet shop.

Bully sticks also last a very long time on top of everything else. With a shelf life of about two years, you won’t have to worry about your goods spoiling before you get a chance to sell them because they often keep fresh for up to three years.

Source of Dental Care from Nature

One of the most crucial things a dog owner can do is to maintain a dog’s teeth. Given that most adult dogs have some degree of periodontal disease, pet owners must take special care to maintain their pets’ oral health to prevent this unpleasant condition.

Routine dental care, however, might feel like a hassle because so few dogs actually seem to like having their teeth brushed. Bully sticks and other dog chews can help maintain healthy teeth and gums, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for routine dental care. The act of chewing helps the dog maintain a clean mouth and strong teeth. This will result in removing any plaque accumulation and strengthening the jaw.

The dogs adore them

Give your customers something they really deserve: bully sticks! These all-natural chews are guaranteed to be a hit with every pup, offering delicious flavors and irresistible aromas. Not only that—bully sticks provide essential nutrients for healthy living while being much healthier than other dog snacks.

Benefits of Keeping Specialty Products in Stock

A brick-and-mortar natural pet store has more than its fair share of competition from big-box retailers and internet marketplaces. While your competition might not be able to provide the same type of personalized experience that your natural pet store does. The specific items and individualized customer service that set your shop apart from the competitors will be the secret to its success.

Bully sticks, for instance, are available from a variety of online pet retailers. But your local pet store has the distinct benefit of being able to sell independently owned brands and locally produced goods that customers won’t be able to find anywhere else. Customers will be persuaded to shop with you rather than your rivals.

Here is a breakdown of how important it is for your pet store to provide the greatest bully sticks and other specialty items to prove this point.

Spread Out Your Stock

Selling well-known brands and items in your business is a need that cannot be avoided. Since most customers choose things they are already acquainted with, it would be unwise to exclude any of the most well-known items from your offering. But it can’t be all you have to give.

While filling your shelves with the most well-known brands can help you achieve this goal, you also need to provide your clients with unique products. Those that they won’t be able to find anywhere else. Having the top USA bully sticks on hand is a terrific method to do this.

Upselling Possibilities

Upselling your consumers on the specialty items you provide is one of the finest things your natural pet store can do to increase your revenues. The majority of dog owners want to provide their pets with the greatest toys, supplies, and food. But they may lack the knowledge necessary to choose which things to focus on. Here is where your shop can help.

If you’ve just received your first shipment of bully sticks, place them at the front of the store so that anybody entering can see them. And, more importantly, dogs will be interested in their rich meaty smell.

Consider a scenario in which a consumer enters your shop asking for something to keep their pup busy. Instead of directing them to dangerous rawhide, or manmade chews, you may draw their attention to your collection of bully sticks. 

And offer to inform them of the special health advantages a bully stick can provide for their dog. By doing so, you’ll be upselling the consumer on a superior product that will not only match their needs better but also enable your shop to generate more revenue.

The Natural Pet Store and Bully Sticks

It’s your responsibility as a natural pet retailer to give dog owners the best natural products available. This may entail buying bulk dog treats and chews from a reliable neighborhood vendor. Or locating the top bully stick brands and displaying them at the entrance to your shop.

Going above and beyond to get the greatest USA-made and sourced bully sticks and other specialty items is always beneficial. Since your shop and its consumers deserve nothing less.

Stocking your shelves with premium, all-natural bully sticks from Natural CravingsTM USA is a terrific approach to achieving your goal. Which is making your business a trustworthy and dependable source for all your customers’ pet care requirements.


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