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All dogs have a natural need to chew. Chewing helps keep your furry best friend’s teeth clean and their bodies healthy. Bully sticks are an excellent natural chew for dogs, but are they safe enough to satisfy your puppy’s need to chew?

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Yes! Well, that’s the short answer. Bully sticks, sometimes called bull pizzle, are safe for puppies to chew on.

Puppies, especially when they reach the teething months, can easily chew their way into a lot of trouble. By offering them safe and healthy chew toys, you can help curb that destructive behavior.

However, when giving your pup a new yummy chew, there are some things to consider.


It’s essential to choose the right chew toys for your puppy. Puppies’ adult teeth don’t come in until they’re about six months old, and their baby teeth are much softer and more delicate. This means that hard chews can damage their teeth. However, they are puppy teeth and not usually something to worry too much about.

Look for chews that are soft and pliable, or opt for rawhide-free options like bully sticks. These will be gentle on your puppy’s teeth and gums while still satisfying their need to chew.

Puppies sometimes tend to chew on anything and everything, so keeping items like shoes, books, and furniture out of reach is essential. Puppy-proofing your house will help keep your puppy safe and help prevent destructive chewing habits from forming.

However, if you notice that your pup is bleeding from their gums, try taking a break from bully sticks and try something softer for a bit.

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While bully sticks are a safe dog toy, some puppies haven’t grown into their immune system yet. Because you can sometimes find bacteria on bully sticks, be careful with very young pups. Normal adult dogs can easily handle this, but if your puppy is ill or hasn’t had all its boosters yet, you may want to hold off on these chews.

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Yes! Bully sticks can be the perfect teething toy for puppies. They are soft enough to not damage delicate gums but tough enough to satisfy a pup’s need to chew.

Just remember, as your puppy grows and its teeth get stronger, you may need to switch to a larger-sized chew.

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Alright, you already know your pup has a chewing habit that needs to be satisfied, but did you know that giving your puppy a healthy natural chew can offer many more benefits than clean teeth?


Collagen is a type of protein found in connective tissue, and it helps keep bones, muscles, and joints healthy and functioning correctly. Puppies need plenty of collagen to grow into healthy adults, and you may even notice that your pup’s ears stand better when they have this extra collagen boost.

Bully sticks are a good source of collagen and other essential nutrients like zinc and vitamin B12. They can help promote healthy bones, joints, and muscles in your pup.

Mental Stimulation

Chews can also help keep your pup’s mind sharp. The act of chewing helps to release endorphins and calm the nervous system. This can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in puppies (and adult dogs too!).

Allowing your puppy to learn healthy chewing habits when they are young can lead to happy, healthy adult dogs.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Chews like bully sticks can also help keep your puppy’s teeth clean and their gums healthy. Because the act of chewing helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup from teeth you should always have some natural chews for your dog.


Because puppies are continually growing, it can be hard to ensure that you have the right-sized chew for your furry friend. Here are some tips to help keep playtime fun and safe.

Your dog’s breed may give you insight into how large they will grow. Furthermore, this information can help you determine what size of the bully stick is best suited for them. Small dogs will, of course, need the smallest size, but larger breeds can be a bit tricky to gauge.

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As a general rule, choose a bully stick that is about the same length as your puppy’s head. This will ensure they can’t choke on it or swallow it whole.

You should also avoid bully sticks that are too small, as these could be swallowed and cause an intestinal blockage. When in doubt, stick to the side of caution and choose a larger size chew toy for your pup.


Bully sticks are an excellent and safe natural chew for puppies. They help promote healthy bones, joints, and muscles; keep teeth clean and gums healthy; provide mental stimulation, and reduce stress and anxiety levels. Just be sure to choose the right-sized bully stick for your puppy to avoid choking or swallowing it whole.

Puppies are adorable and so much fun, but they can also be a lot of work. It’s essential to ensure you are prepared for the challenges of owning a puppy before you bring one into your home.

Be sure to provide your puppy with plenty of exercise, training, and chew toys to keep them occupied. And pick up some bully sticks today for a safe, natural chew for all dogs!


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