Why do dogs like bully sticks so much?

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Some of the best natural chews that you can get your dog are called bully sticks. Not only do they offer tons of health benefits for our four-legged friends, but dogs just can’t get enough of their satisfying taste and texture.

Bully sticks are an excellent choice for daily chewing, so you don’t risk your pup destroying remotes, shoes, sunglasses, or other personal items. Therefore, it is better to give them something to focus their natural instincts for chewing on a durable treat like a bully stick instead.

In this article, we will mention the benefits of giving bully sticks to your dog. Also, we will see why bully sticks are so enticing to dogs and why they seem to love them so much.


There are many reasons why your pup might choose a bully stick over other toys. Your dog will love them foremost for their flavor and aroma, and you will love them because of all the benefits that your dog will get. Dogs love these single-ingredient chews because they smell and taste like meat.

They last for a long time

Dogs like bully sticks not only because they are packed with flavor but because they are durable. Your dog can enjoy a bully stick for a longer period of time, meaning that the playtime never ends for them. You can enjoy your favorite movie and by the time the credits roll, your dog might have only chewed off part of the bully stick. Smaller dogs can chew a large bully stick for weeks on end.

However, this does depend on the size of the dog, the size of the bully stick, and the dog’s ultimate chewing power.

Dogs love their smell

Don’t be surprised if your dog drools at the smell and sound of the package when it comes to these sensational sticks. They are so irresistible to dogs, and they get thrilled when the scent hits their adorable noses. Watch as your furry friends demonstrate their love for their favorite chews – Bully Sticks.

They are safe

They are a way better option than other chews because they do not splinter and are fully digestible. Furthermore, they are made of a single ingredient. Likewise, they do not contain fillers and are a great source of quality protein. Additionally, they offer an explosion of meaty flavor that dogs just love, and you can feel good giving it to them.

Dogs find them delicious

As previously mentioned, they are made of a single ingredient (steer penis or bull pizzle), so they taste like flavor-packed beef, and we all know that dogs dream of meat. Even if this does not sound appealing to us, dogs will be delighted by bull pizzles.

Bully sticks have psychological benefits

Chewing will help your dog calm down. Some dogs might find bully sticks to be a natural method that helps them achieve mental peace and clarity. They depend on us to choose chew toys and treats so they can relieve some stress.


1.They are cost-effective

With all the benefits they bring your dog, you might think they would be expensive. However, they last long, their price is low, and they have a very long shelf life. Sustainability and affordability!

When we compare bully sticks to other treats that last only a few seconds or a chew toy that your dog will tire of within a few days, they really are worth the price.

In addition to the long time that your dog can chew them, they stay fresh for up to two years. This is a good thing because you can buy bully sticks in bulk and not worry about spoilage. Saving yourself a few extra bucks by buying in bulk.

2.Bully sticks provide a lot of health benefits

First, unlike some chewable treats or bones, they are easy to digest. Bully sticks are completely safe for dogs. They are natural and offer many health benefits.

Secondly, they are safe and healthy without additives, preservatives, or chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about unhealthy substances that can hurt your furry best friend. Besides promotive proteins, they include amino acids to support skin health.

Lastly, they can support dental health. Gnawing on a tough chew helps avoid gum inflammation or subsequent periodontal diseases. Chewing is important to help scrape away buildup and plaque.

3.There are different kinds to choose from

You can choose different sizes or shapes. If you are thinking of getting a bully stick for your puppy, you can do that as soon as they have their puppy teeth. If they like chewing they will love bully sticks for sure. There are small, medium, large, regular, and jumbo sizes to choose from, so there is a chew for dogs of all sizes.

There are different shapes for different chewers. A straight bully chew will be a great buy if your dog is a methodical and slow chewer. Braided bully sticks will be a better biting choice for large dogs that chew more aggressively.


Bully sticks are the best chew for all dogs! These treats are beloved by dogs everywhere, and some dogs just go barking mad for them. Likewise, when we see that our dogs want them so much, we can know for sure of their delicious flavor. Of course, all the health benefits are just a major bonus!

Easily digestible, flavorful, does not splinter, and many other things we already mentioned are the reasons to get a bully stick for your dog. Your pup will smile with satisfaction, and you can smile, too.

Dogs of any age, breed, or size will enjoy chewing on a bully stick. If you need help choosing one for your furry friend, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help. Made with fresh U.S.A. sourced and processed grass-fed beef. This natural chew is something that your dog will love, but you will love it because of all the health benefits that your dog will get.

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