Why is important to give your dog bully sticks with a holder

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Bully sticks are a favorite among dogs, but some dogs might become overly enthusiastic and chew through their bully stick quickly. Or even worse, they may attempt to swallow the last few inches whole. To make your dog’s favorite chew safer and last longer, try to bully stick holders.

Bully sticks are a dog-favorite all-natural chew. They are among the most widely used natural dog chews available since they are durable and healthful, and dogs enjoy the taste.

Bull pizzles, pizzle sticks, or bully sticks are just a few of the many names for this common chew. And they may be found in a range of sizes and forms to best fit your particular dog.

Bully sticks are one of the greatest long-lasting dog chews for keeping your dog occupied. Some bully sticks are not durable enough for power chewers. However, overall bully sticks may be made safer and last longer with the use of a bully stick holder, which is a common accessory.

Bully stick holder: What is it?

Despite the fact that these chews are safer and more natural than other dental chews, many pet owners are worried that some dogs would try to ingest whole bully sticks.

A bully stick holder may be helpful at this time. In order to stop your dog from swallowing the last bit of the chew, a bully stick holder is normally a hard toy that you can slide a bully stick through.

Additionally, a bully stick holder may turn your dog’s chewing behavior into a stimulating game. An effective bully bone holder makes the chews, like bully sticks, even safer and easier for your dog to hold. This is especially true for heavy or aggressive chewers.

The best bully stick holders for dogs: How to choose

In order to get the most use out of each chew, a proper chew holder:

1) prevents your dog from swallowing the end of their bully stick, and

2) slows and holds up against power chewers.

We also advise selecting a holder that is dishwasher safe or simple to clean to keep bacteria away and your dog healthy.

Bully stick holders are a great way to give your pup a safe and enjoyable chewing experience. These holders come in a variety of styles, from a classic ball or bone shapes to modern designs. Many of them have features like rounded edges for safety, raised sides to hold the bully sticks in place, and small holes to help with the airflow. Some even come with treat pockets or slow-release compartments.

What to take into account when purchasing bully stick holders

You may choose from a variety of materials, sizes, and forms when looking for a bully stick holder. Here are a few things to take into account when purchasing a bully stick holder.

Measurement and Chewing Power

Always choose a bully stick holder that is appropriate for both your dog’s size and chewing ability. Even tiny or medium-sized dogs can be serious chewers, so you should choose a holder made of durable material to withstand their groaning power.

A bully stick holder is the best option if your dog likes to chew or is excessively destructive. Your dog will aggressively try to remove the bully sticks from the holder during their chew time.

A bully stick holder’s shape

Bully stick holders come in a variety of designs. Dogs can grasp some better than others. Ideally, you should spend money on many different kinds of holders to give your dog variety and prevent him from figuring out how to get to the tasty bully stick. If your pup enjoys a game of fetch with a ball, try and get a round holder. Furthermore, some holders have multiple points where you can insert treats or bully sticks. 

Powerful gripping

You should take the size of the bully stick you’ll be using in the holder into account when choosing a bully stick holder. If the bully stick holder you buy is too large for the stick, your dog won’t be able to even chew the bull pizzle. You also want to make sure that the older has a tight enough grip so that your dog can’t pull the bully stick right out of the toy.

Cleaning alternatives

Bully sticks run more of a danger of bacterial contamination than natural dog chews. However, because a dog’s digestive tract differs from a human’s, it can easily manage more bacteria, but you still need to take precautions. Because of bacteria buildup in your dogs mouth, these holders need to be cleaned.

For quick and simple sanitization, you will want to choose a bully stick holder that is dishwasher safe.

How it works

Bully sticks are a terrific substitute for rawhide and plastic chews, but they also carry a risk of choking and intestinal obstructions in dogs.

Every year, intestinal obstruction sends thousands of canines to the emergency clinic. The last few inches of a bully stick can be readily eaten by your dog and provide a danger of acute choking or later systemic obstruction.

According to calculations found in Vet Practice News, owners pay thousands of dollars in veterinarian costs to have their dogs that ingest strange objects removed.

How should bully sticks’ ends be handled?

Although the treat is totally edible, we advise properly disposing of this final section of the stick.

When the bully stick is in the bully stick holder and your dog won’t chew it, what should you do?

Encourage your dog to inspect the holder when you remove it from the box. Every time your dog sniffs the new bully stick-holding safety gadget, reward them with praise. For positive association, scatter a few high-value treats on and around the object. Once the stick is firmly in place, you may add some peanut butter or another favorite treat to promote chewing.

Is a bully stick holder essential for your dog?

If your dog enjoys bully sticks, a bully stick holder is a great addition to your dogs toy box. A bully stick holder is an ideal toy to assist get the most out of these well-liked dog chews since more skilled chewers may consume their favorite chews faster and faster. However, dogs can easily enjoy a bully stick without a holder, but you should always watch your dog. 


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