Working From Home With Your Pet – The Survival Guide

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Working from home has always been a challenge, but it can be even harder when you bring home a new puppy. One of the biggest benefits is that rather than sit in a stuffy office, you get to be around your pup all day. However, that same joy can be a downfall. Their cute eyes and excessive bathroom breaks can easily keep you distracted all day long.

Puppies can be a hung distraction, but with a few tips and this handy survival guide, you’ll get through the transition of working from home alone, to working with your best furry friend. Hashtag best supervisor ever.


One quick and simple way to help streamline your day is to break it up based on your dog’s needs. Depending on your dog this can mean a lot of different things.

If you just adopted a puppy, then you may have to break up your day more often and in smaller breaks. Whereas an older dog may just enjoy a nice long walk in the afternoon to keep them quiet during all those boring afternoon zoom meetings.

However, setting scheduled breaks is the key to maximizing your work time. For example, if you have a puppy that needs to go out every two hours. Setting your own break then and working up until that point, gets more done.

It’s the same if you are scheduling meetings. About fifteen minutes before your call take a puppy break so that way you are refreshed for your meeting, and your pup is ready for a nap.


Many dogs live by their own internal clock. And within weeks of bringing a new dog home, they will adjust to the ongoings of the house. However, working from home has changed the way many people and pets view their workdays. And when pants are optional, it can be hard to tell the difference.

If you had your dog prior to switching over to remote workdays your dog is stuck in a loop of you always having an off day. Their brains automatically expect it to be exactly like every other off day. We can dream, but that’s not the truth of the matter. Having a routine can help your dog understand the new normal.

Make a schedule of what your day should look like and set times for feedings, breaks, and potty times. Write it down if you have to. If you take a break every day at noon, make sure you continue that. Your dog will quickly fall into the routine.


It’s hard to focus on a good day, it’s even harder to focus when your dog is right there. Barking at kids walking past the house. It’s worse if you’re on a zoom call.

If you want to survive working from home with your dog, you’ll want to make sure to keep your dog busy between breaks. Offer your dog a toy to play with or be sure to give them some exercise on your scheduled breaks.

Allowing your dog to have activities to keep them busy while you are getting work done.


Dogs will often seek attention when they are bored. This boredom can also cause them to get into trouble. Rather than spend half of your workday picking up garbage that was scattered throughout the living room, get you and your dog some exercise.

Some fun things to do with your dog:

  • Take a walk around the block or to a local park.
  • Have an afternoon play date with a friend or neighbors dog.
  • Take a car ride to Starbucks and get a Puppachinno.
  • Play fetch in the backyard while you are on a break.

Just make sure to always have clean fresh water for both you and your dog.


When you own a pet there is almost nothing worse than their cute faces derailing a zoom meeting. Or worse, barking in the background. We love our pups but sometimes we just need them to be quiet for a bit.

Some ways that you can keep your dog quiet while working from home are:

  • Stuff a Kong toy with peanut butter about five minutes before your meeting. This way you are already into it by the time your dog finishes.
  • Offer them a bully stick before your call.
  • Take them for a long walk or some outdoor playtime.
  • Place them in a separate room and shut your door while in a meeting.


Puppies are just as bad as babies and get into everything. Especially if you have recently adopted your dog and they are still adjusting. Make sure to have all cords tucked away. Trash cans empty once you are done for the day or ones that have lids.

It’s also a great idea to make an area in your work area for your pet. This allows them to be a part of your day, without being in your way. A bed, a bowl of water, and a good chew toy are more than enough to keep them happy.


With those super cute puppy eyes, it’s hard to say no. Even when you have pressing deadlines. However, giving in to them every time they walk into the room will easily derail anything you had planned for the day.

If you have scheduled breaks, make sure you spend a little bit of time with your pup. This will help to reduce their need for your attention every ten minutes.


The best part about working from home is that you get to spend all day at home with your dog. However, being flexible is the key to making it work. If your dog had gotten into the trash or the cat food they might need an extra trip outside.


Working from home can be challenging, but having your dog around all day with you. Having your pup close by can easily whisk away stress and make it a great workday.

Don’t forget to reward your pup, get them a chew subscription box that will keep them busy and happy.


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