Bully Vs Collagen Sticks

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For your dog, chewing is more than a pleasant pastime. Chewing releases endorphins that relieve tension. While also stimulating the mind in your dog, whether they are nibbling on toys or goodies.

Natural chews like collagen sticks and bully sticks have a lot in common. Both of these chews are healthy options that most dogs enjoy. Many dog owners decide to give their canines both. There are some significant distinctions to be aware of, though. 

Besides, chewing helps your dog’s jaw get stronger and promotes dental health by releasing saliva. That has antibacterial characteristics that prevent tooth decay. Additionally, chewing causes the stomach’s digestive enzymes to release.

How Do Collagen Sticks Work?

Collagen sticks for dogs are an irresistible treat and a safe alternative to rawhide. Collagen sticks may withstand moderate to vigorous chewing. They are made from the corium, or inner layer, of cow skin, which is abundant in collagen. 

Because of the corium’s flexibility, chewing it is safe and enjoyable, and dogs may digest it. As they chew, dogs consume the corium’s nutrients, which have several advantages over other dangerous chews.

How Do Bully Sticks Work?

Bully sticks, or “bull pizzle,” as they are also called, are chews manufactured from a bull’s penile muscle. This is the sole component of Natural CravingsTM bully sticks, which dogs appear to find enticing.

Bully sticks are a nutritious substitute for rawhide chews. Bully sticks are best for medium chewers in general, but they are available in a variety of sizes and forms. That is to fit dogs of all shapes and chewing styles. While heavy chewers will love the challenge of braided bully sticks, smaller breeds may prefer standard bully sticks.

Selecting the Correct Chew

There is little doubt that chewing is an essential aspect of a dog’s existence. They enjoy it, and it’s good for their health as well.

So, why not make the most of your dog’s chewing tendency by giving them wholesome goodies to enjoy?

Collagen dog chews are available in different sizes and shapes. They are suitable for all chewers. Furthermore, they help to enhance jaw muscle tone, dental health, and joint health. Dogs adore them because they have a pure meaty flavor.

Dog collagen sticks assist sustain a lustrous coat, joint flexibility, and bone health. They are ideal for medium- to heavy-chewers. Collagen is an essential part of your dogs diet and adding more only helps their mobility.

They are interesting chew that lasts even longer than bully sticks. It is because of their elastic qualities.

Eat Time

Consider giving your dog a bully stick or collagen chew to chew on if you need to keep them occupied for a while. Both choices are thought to last for a while. Although many dog owners could discover that collagen chews last a little bit longer.

It’s significant to remember that some factors will affect how long it will take your dog to finish one.

All dogs have their own individual chewing styles, some with more tenacity than others. Puppy and healthy adult canines will typically consume chews faster due to stronger jaws; however, elderly pups and toy breeds may take a bit longer as they tend to be gentler chewers. Furthermore, don’t forget those furry friends who are struggling with dental issues will chew slower.

The speed at which it can be consumed will also depend on the chew’s shape. Bully sticks and collagen chews are both available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Generally speaking, chews that are thicker or braided last longer. But don’t forget to account for the extra calories in your dog’s diet.

Some dogs chew their chew across many sessions. Some dogs would even attempt to “hide” their chew in couch cushions or dog beds before later retrieving it.

This is not a problem, but it is advised to dispose of the chew after a few days to avoid the growth of bacteria.


Safety should always come first when giving your dog any kind of chew. Especially if they tend to gulp or swallow big chunks of food and treats.

There should always be supervision. Choking and intestinal obstructions are the two most frequent safety issues. It’s crucial to offer your dog the proper-sized chew so that they won’t try to swallow it to prevent both. Once your dog has chewed the bully stick or collagen stick down to a certain size, you will need to remove it.

Bully sticks are digestible, as was already noted, and break down more if ingested whole. And collage sticks are up to 99% digestible. With dog food only being about 80%, this is really impressive when it comes to chews. This is simply because these chews are single-ingredient and natural. 

You alone can decide whether your dog can manage a specific type or size of chew.


If your dog is chewing, watch them carefully at all times. Especially if they are particularly forceful or persistent chewers. Make sure to get your dog the right-sized chew.

Choking is the greatest risk, so choose chews that are too big to swallow whole. Keep a close eye on your dog. Make sure they aren’t biting off chunks that could get lodged in their throat or be swallowed.

Remove anything that has been ground to a nub. A few dogs are “gulpers,” snatching things, and they need to be watched. A softer chew will be more suitable for older dogs who may still be powerful chewers as they age. 


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