October 12, 2023

Organic Food for Dogs

To provide our furry friends with the healthiest nutrition possible, pet parents are becoming more and more interested in organic dog food. It might be challenging to know where to begin, though, with so many items available on the market. What is canine organic food? Ingredients for organic dog food are farmed without the use […]

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The Lifetime Of A Bully Stick

While bully sticks have a long shelf life, they do have one despite being delicious. Dogs enjoy chewing, but toys can become dangerous. Or, even worse, they might start chewing on items you don’t want them to, like those brand-new shoes. Bully sticks are a fantastic, healthy way to sate your dog’s insatiable chewing appetite.

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Bully Vs Collagen Sticks

For your dog, chewing is more than a pleasant pastime. Chewing releases endorphins that relieve tension. While also stimulating the mind in your dog, whether they are nibbling on toys or goodies. Natural chews like collagen sticks and bully sticks have a lot in common. Both of these chews are healthy options that most dogs

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