Can Bully Sticks Be Bad For Dogs

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Bully sticks make fantastic chew for dogs, but watch out for them biting off more than they should.

Anyone who has had a dog in their life knows that dogs love chewing, especially bully sticks. In the early teething months, nothing seems to be off limits—shoes, clothing, handbags, furniture, you name it. Setting chewing limits for your dog during this period can feel like a never-ending struggle. However, it’s essential to establish these boundaries for the rest of their lives.

You likely know that a puppy’s need to chew is quite natural and instinctive, despite trying your patience.

Besides alleviating the discomfort and pain associated with teething, chewing improves jaw muscles. It also releases the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which maintain a healthy mental state, and help fight boredom.

What are bully sticks for dogs, do you know?

Have you heard of pizzle sticks for dogs? They’ve been gaining serious popularity, made from either beef or steer! But don’t worry if it sounds a little scary – your pup won’t even bat an eye. You might be wondering what all the fuss is about and whether there are any benefits to this mystery treat. Or are these chews something to worry about my dog having?

Bully sticks are a tasty chew treat that is healthful and very digestible. Bully sticks provide a natural chew that supports the needs of your puppy’s developing body.

They are made from the stretched, dried skin of the bull penis, or pizzle, which is very high in protein and low in fat. Bully sticks include all the essential amino acids a dog requires. Chewing on them will not only keep your puppy busy, but will also help support the healthy growth of their brain, muscles, skin, and coat. But can they be dangerous?

The Dangers of Bully Sticks

Dogs’ stomachs are far more robust than people, so they can tolerate some bacterial contamination. But, it can cause symptoms like nausea and diarrhea as well as stomach discomfort.

You can prevent this by buying bully sticks from reputable companies that strive to make dog treats in a hygienic setting with the highest quality in mind.

Bully sticks have a terrible reputation for being calorific too to being contaminated with bacteria. By definition, any “all-natural” product has undergone minimal processing.

That means that dangerous microbes could still be present. The more it is treated, the less likely it is to become infected. However, transporting chews from plant to plant, handling, and sending them through further processing can also raise the risk of bacterial problems and lead to recalls. 

Bully sticks are renowned for their natural composition, however certain methods of handling the chew toy may undermine this advantage. Unfortunately, freezing does not completely eliminate salmonella bacteria which can be more easily tolerated by our canine companions than us humans!

It’s important to be aware of the risks bully sticks can pose, especially when it comes to those with compromised immune systems. If your furry companion enjoys chewing on a bully stick on a place like your bed or couch, make sure that you properly sanitize the area. Always remember to wash hands thoroughly after handling or sanitizing areas where they have been eaten. 

An extra reminder if there are small children in the home – use caution and don’t let your children put these chews in their mouth. 

A happy owner makes a happy pet.


When a pizzle stick is too little to swallow, it becomes dangerous. Or if your dog does swallow a large piece it can cause issues despite being digestable.  

It has the potential to become lodged in the throat before reaching the stomach, leading to serious choking episodes. So keep an eye on your dog and be sure to take away a bully stick when it becomes a risk

Do They Clean Dog’s Teeth?

All dogs must practice good dental hygiene. Your dog may have heart disease, gum disease, tooth decay, and other major health issues if its teeth are not taken care of.

There are some simple techniques for dog owners to maintain a dog’s healthy and clean teeth. Yet, bully sticks can be a helpful part of your dog’s dental regime.

Bully sticks help to remove plaque and tartar from dogs’ teeth while they chew. This improves your dog’s breath and oral health.

This is a simpler answer if you’re seeking ways to enhance dog breath and keep your pup’s canines clean and healthy between regular brushings.

We all know it can be difficult to get our dogs to sit still long enough for a decent brush. Bully sticks are an excellent option because they require more time to chew. This results in a deeper and more thorough cleaning for dogs.

The safe way to give your puppy bully sticks

When giving your dog bully sticks, be sure to use a safety device. Puppies and power chewers can chew quickly and are enthusiastic chewers.

Bully sticks can become a choking hazard if they get too small! This can happen if consumed whole without first chewing them when they are down to the last one to two inches.


Bully sticks are completely digestible. But there is still a chance that they could cause a choking hazard or digestive obstruction.

A secure bully stick holder will give you peace of mind and let your puppy enjoy these nutritious and delectable treats.


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