Are Bully Sticks Good For Puppies

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You might have heard about bully sticks or seen them at the pet store in packages or even loose in bins. If you are a dog owner, you are probably wondering what are they and if they are suitable for your dog.

Bully sticks are dried bull penises or pizzles. They are protein rich and long-lasting fun for your dog. There are benefits of giving them to your dog and some things that you need to pay attention to.

Dogs love them for many reasons. For puppies or fully grown dogs, they are a favorite treat. However, you need to know which size, shape, or length to choose and how to do so. That is why we are here to help you do that.

Pros and cons

Pros of bully sticks are:

●Tough and effective at removing plaque or tartar build-up on your dog`s teeth

●Provide a good source of extra protein

●Last longer than other treats

●Contain taurine – an amino acid that helps the heart and eyes to be healthy

●Offer mental stimulation

And the cons are:

●High in calories – they can add some pounds to your dog`s tummy

●Sometimes pricy – choose the right size so they can last longer

●Smelly – dogs love it, but owners might find it offensive, so, good news, there are odorless bully sticks available.

There are different opinions about bully sticks. But, when you pick a good brand based on value, reputation, quality, and producer, you can not go wrong.

Is it safe to give your puppy a bully stick?

As a new puppy owner, you are likely in search of the best treat to give your little friend. The good news is that puppies can also enjoy bully sticks. Puppies that are over 5 pounds and have their adult teeth, by the time they are six months old they should have all of their adult teeth.

These chews are single-ingredient, easily digestible, and an excellent toy for growing pups same as adult dogs. They will keep your puppy busy for a long time. You will ensure a happy and safe chewing adventure.

Once you decide to start giving your puppy bully sticks, choose a high-quality option. That said, find the ones made of grass-fed cattle, that do not have fillers, added flavors, or artificial colors. You can get oven-roasted or smoked sticks.

For puppies, the important part is to choose the right size. It has to be manageable for them. However, too small and it can become a choking hazard. Extra small bully sticks are a great choice for smaller dogs under ten pounds.

Giving a bully stick to your puppy

In the beginning, let your puppy chew the bully stick for about 5-10 minutes only. See how they affect your pup`s developing digestive system. Watch for 24 hours and if it handles it fine, keep increasing the amount of time they chew the stick.

Secondly, keep in mind that puppies can have bully sticks in moderation. The intention is to give them as treats or a toy rather than as a food replacement. That is because they have many calories, so check about calorie intake that is recommended by a vet. That way you will avoid overfeeding your pup.

Last, but not least, supervise your puppy. Make sure that you are present while they are enjoying bully sticks. This way you will make sure they don`t bite off and swallow pieces that are too large.

Additionally, if you want to `stay on the safe side` you can get a holder for bully sticks. This device helps prevent puppies from getting the last small part of the stick. And always provide clean, fresh water for your furry friend while they chew.

Why should we give puppies bully sticks?

All dogs have a chewing habit that needs to be satisfied. If you give your puppy a healthy natural treat that will offer many benefits. Not just clean teeth, but this can help to curb bad chewing behaviors, such as chewing on shoes. Also, they can help give your pup a boost of vitamins and minerals that is good for their health.

Collagen is a type of protein that keeps bones, muscles, and joints healthy and functional. Puppies need plenty of that so they can grow healthy. In fact for dogs whose ears drop during teething, adding collagen or calcium can help their ears stand better. Bully sticks are a great source of essential nutrients like vitamin B12, collagen, and zinc.

Bully sticks provide mental stimulation and your pup`s mind sharp. Chewing helps release endorphins and that calms the nervous system. Stress and anxiety will be easily reduced by using bully sticks.

Chews like bully sticks are also great for keeping gums and teeth clean and healthy. The act of chewing naturally reduces tartar and plaque buildup from teeth and that is why you should always have them ready.

Choosing the right stick for your puppy

Puppies continue to grow up until about 2 years of age. Of course, it can be hard to make sure that you have the right size chew for your friend. That is why you will need some tips on how to be sure that playtime is safe and fun.

The breed of your dog will give you insight into how large can your dog grow. That said, this information can help you decide what size of bully sticks is the best for them. Small dogs need small sizes, but bigger breeds can make you think.

The general rule is that bully sticks should be about the same length as your dog`s head. That way you will be sure that the dog can`t swallow it whole or choke on it. Avoid sticks that are too small and when you are in doubt, just stick to the larger size chew toy, to be sure.

Luckily, some key things will help you choose the right one. You will get the choice of different widths, shapes, or lengths of the bully stick.


Bully stick thickness correlates more with how strong of a chewer your dog is, but it can also help keep your bully stick in proportion to your pup. You need to keep in mind that thicker sticks will be harder to chew. So, the choice usually is a thin, standard, thick, or jumbo bully stick. Monster bully sticks are too big for puppies and small dogs. So, some thickness will be suitable for all sizes of dogs. That is why regular bully sticks are a great place to start.


The most common bully sticks are straight and between 6 and 12 inches. There are shapes like curls, braids, pretzels, loops, and others. Braided bully sticks, for example, add complexity to chewing, so dogs will work throughout their chewing longer. Curled bully sticks, on the other hand, give more friction in your dog`s mouth and do a great job of removing plaque.


Typically, these treats come in 12, 6, or 5-inch options. The length of the stick correlates or how long your dog will chew it and how much they should consume. Larger sticks are great for larger dogs or strong small chewers. Smaller dogs and occasional chewers should get smaller sticks, 5 inches.

You can`t go wrong when you are giving your pet a natural chew they love. When you understand the differences between bully sticks, you will, for sure, feel more confident that you have chosen the right one for your dog.

Also, when your dog is done with the stick or if you decide to take it away, make sure that you are storing it in the right way. You can let it air dry or use a towel. Store it in a cool, dry place where the dog can`t reach it. Some places like high pantry shelves or cabinets. Do not refrigerate it because the moisture could attract bacteria. Wash your hands after handling.


Bully sticks are natural, healthy, safe, and excellent chew for puppies. They can help your puppy will have healthy joints, bones, and muscles. Also, healthy gums and clean teeth, in addition to mental stimulation, have less anxiety and stress levels. Just be sure that you found the right-sized stick for your puppy.

Besides providing your puppy training, healthy food, and exercise, chew toys are also important. They will keep them occupied and they will find them delicious. The plus is that there are no chemicals or unhealthy ingredients.

You and your puppy will have a great time with bully sticks. The puppy will enjoy chewing it and you will enjoy watching the happiness it provides.


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