Is It Good For Dogs To Chew On Bones?

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Many dogs love to chew. And some will even chew on anything they can get their mouths around. However, some things can be dangerous for your pup. But is it good for dogs to chew on bones?

There’s a lot more to this question to give a simple answer. And you should be aware of some things before you throw your dog a bone. Bones can give your dog essential nutrients, mental stimulation, or they can be very dangerous.


One of these options is a great way for your dog to get their chew on, the other is extremely dangerous. Can you guess which one? If not don’t worry, we are here to help.

Cooked bones are very dangerous for dogs. They can easily crack, splinter, or even shatter. Fragments can become a choking hazard or worse could puncture your dogs throat or digestive tract. Furthermore, if your dog does happen to get a piece digested safely, it can cause blockages and other problems. Because the bones are cooked there’s no nutritional value in them either.

If your dog does happen to eat or swallow a cooked bone, you should take your dog into the vet right away to prevent any problems. It’s much better if you catch these types of things early.

Raw bones on the other hand, and overall safe for dogs. You should avoid some like pork or rib bones. Because of their small size, these can pose a choking risk for your dog. As long as you give your dog the right size bone and supervise them, it is good for dogs to chew on bones.


But is it good for dogs to chew on bones? Yes, as long as it’s done safely it is a great natural chew option for your dog. Bones can be excellent for dogs who have grain allergies or specific protein allergies because of their single-ingredient nature.


Giving your dog a bone is more than just giving them a toy to play with. Bones naturally have essential nutrients within them that your dog can benefit from. When your dog chews on a bone they receive trace amounts of calcium, and other minerals that help them stay healthy. Especially if you have a growing puppy, these minerals can help teething.

Mental Stimulation

Letting your dog chew on bones can also help support their mental health. Dogs are social animals and can easily become bored. Especially if they are in a small apartment or if you work long hours.

Keeping your dog’s mind sharp can be critical to their overall health. Furthermore, mental stimulation can help build confidence, engage in natural behaviors, and can help to reduce anxiety.

Giving your dog a bone offers them a specific toy that they can chew on without the worry of them becoming destructive to the rest of your house. Bones can even be included in games like hide and seek, to keep their nose snuffling around and their brain working.

Oral Health

Almost all dogs over the age of three have some form of dental disease. And that can spell danger for dogs. Oral health is essential to providing your dog with a long, happy, healthy life. And this one aspect shouldn’t be one you ignore.

Dogs should have their teeth brushed every single day. However, we all know how hard that can be. Even once a week can be a struggle for many owners.

It is good for dogs to chew on bones to help keep their teeth clean and jaw muscles strong. While a dental chew can’t actually replace a good brushing, it can help to reduce plaque buildup. Bones are perfect for this because they are harder than some chews and help scrape off the buildup.

Furthermore, their durable and long-lasting, and many dogs will enjoy chewing on a bone for multiple play sessions.


Not all bones are safe for dogs. Even some raw bones can be dangerous. Pork ribs, chicken wing bones, and other small fragile bones should never be given to dogs. But what are good bones for dogs to chew on?

Pedicured Duck Feet

Emphasis on pedicured here. Duck feet are rich in cartilage and other vitamins that your dog needs. However, the small nails can cause digestion problems. So just make sure to pick duck feet that have had the talons removed.

These chews are better suited for smaller dogs and light chewers. Larger dogs or power chewers might choke on these.

White Bones

White bones are the perfect natural bone for many dogs. Because they are made from cow femur they are thick and durable and an excellent alternative to other bones. The biggest risk with these bones is that some dogs get their jaws stuck.

Always supervise your dog while they enjoy any toy and keep a supply of fresh water always available.


Chewing on bones can be beneficial for dogs in many ways, including providing mental stimulation and helping to keep their teeth clean. However, it is important to ensure that the bone is safe for your dog by checking it for sharp edges or splinters. Additionally, it’s important to make sure the bone isn’t too big or too hard for your dog. With these precautions in mind, chewing on bones can be a great way to provide enrichment and dental care for your pup.

One final note before you decided if bones are right for your dog or not. Make sure that you have a good place to purchase these. Bones should be sourced from a good company that cares about quality, without risking unhealthy additives. Natural Cravings USA sources all of its chews and treats in the USA and processes them in Florida. Shop Now


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