Is It Good For Dogs To Eat Grass?

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Dogs like to eat just about anything they can get their mouths on. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Some things can be downright toxic. However, many dogs seem to eat grass, and then promptly throw up. So, is it good for dogs to eat grass? Read on to find out.


There are many different reasons why dogs actually eat grass. If you suddenly notice your dog eating grass, you may want to make a note and talk about it with your vet just to be sure that your pup doesn’t have a vitamin deficiency.

Dogs Like Sweet

Sugar, chocolate, and other sweets are not good for dogs. However, dogs are extremely fond of things that smell and taste sweet. This can be problematic when it comes to dangerous chamicals like antifreeze.

Sweet spring grass is fresh and new and sweet. If your laws is not treated with chemicals your dog can easily smell the sugars in this new grass. You may notice your dog eating this more in the spring and early summer months. And it might not become a habit for your pup.

Furthermore, do be careful of what you spray in your yard. If it smells sweet to your dog, it may entice them more to partake in some ruffage.


Dogs in the wild would in fact have grass and other ruffage in their diet. And as dog food companies reduce their grain in recipes, dogs must look for this elsewhere.

In nature the dogs ancestor, the wolf, would get plant material by eating the digestive organs of herbavores. In short, the bunny or deer still would have fresh plant matter in their digestive tract that wolves eat.

So it’s not out of place to say that dogs do naturally need some of the nutrients found within grass. Even if we do see them more as carnivores.


Alright so this one is a learned behavior of why your dog might be eating grass. Have you ever noticed that your pup will watch you and only start eating grass when you are paying attention? Well, for dogs, bad attention is better than none. So some dogs notice that they get your attention when they eat grass. You might yell at them, and then maybe even walk across the yard to shoo them away. Eating grass has now become a game to your pup.

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Yes it is safe for dogs to eat grass as long as there are no chemicals on it. If they are in their own backyard and you know it’s pestide and fertilizer free, it’s perfectly fine for your dog to nibble away.

Just be cautious because your dog can’t tell the difference between that grass and the neighbors who might have treated their lawn with a chemical that could be toxic. You also don’t want your dog to accidently eat fecal matter that could be left in grass. This is how parasites can easily be spread.

Why Does My Dog Throw Up After Eating Grass?

Sometimes your pup might eat grass and instantly vomit. That’s normal and not something to worry about. As we talked about earlier, dogs would naturally eat grass, but most of it would already be partially digested. Dog’s digestive tracts are not made for large amounts of vegetation. Your dog might get carried away and eat too much at once causing some upset, but nothing to worry about.


Yes and no. Eating grass can add fiber to your dog’s diet and can help settle some tummy troubles. However, they don’t eat it only when they have a sour stomach and might nibble on it at other times.


While grass is safe for your dog to eat, there are some times when you might want to stop your pup.

●Unknown yards, including parks and rest stop areas

●If they are not taking regular worming medication

While a dog won’t get a lot of nutrition from eating grass, it won’t hurt them, and most likely isn’t worth the fight.

Is There Anything I Can Feed My Dog To Stop Them From Eating Grass?

You can help reduce the urge for your dog to eat the folieage in the backyard by offering your pup a few different things. Adding steamed broccoli, sweet potato, or other fiber supplements can help. Furthermore, you can add a probiotic to your dog’s diet to keep their gut health at it’s best.


Discomfort can cause a rise in bile in your dog’s body. When dogs eat grass and vomit, it helps to release this extra bile. However, as always, if you believe your dog has any other signs of discomfort, or if vomiting continues you should take your dog to the veterinarian. It never hurts to be safe.


Dogs eat grass for a variety of reasons, from needing to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals, to wanting to soothe an upset stomach. Ultimately, eating grass is a natural behavior that helps keep your dog healthy and happy. Understanding why dogs eat grass can help you make sure they are getting the nutrients they need and keep them healthy.

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